It is our aim to assist women and their children who are lacking any social, financial, or  emotional support. We will work with them to help them gain the independence needed to be able to care for themselves and their child by teaching them new job skills, financial management, parenting skills, and general life skills. For those already on the path to independent living there is a great need for safe, healthy, and affordable care for their children while they are at work. Two main needs have been identified in this area. The first is a residential program for women and their children that want to learn to live in community, parenting, financial management, job skills training, and a degree of re-parenting of the women themselves. The second need is  care for the children of those who are already employed. Many daycare centers exist to cater to the middle to upper class of Thai society. The more affordable daycare centers are more often than not overcrowded with a low caregiver to child ratio.

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The HUG Project Thailand exists to prevent, protect, and restore child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Through close cooperation with TICAC (Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children) task force and CACT (Children’s Advocacy Centers Thailand), HUG team members are working toward justice for those who harm children sexually, and healing for young survivors. 


Prevention activities include educating young people about Safe/Unsafe/Confusing Touch and Online Grooming. We also provide training to local schools and shelters. Protection efforts involve partnering with the Royal Thai Police and others to maximize the effectiveness of investigations into child sexual abuse/exploitation.  Restoration encompasses every step from rescue to recovery - connecting survivors and their families with needed resources (from medical treatment and legal assistance to counseling and job training).


HUG Founder and Director, Boom Mosby, has been recognized by the US State Department as a 2017 Trafficking in Persons Hero, and as a 2018 Vital Voices Global Leader in Human Rights, for her work as a child victim advocate. 


Project Director: Khun Boom Mosby - connect@HUGproject.org


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LIFT's mission is to prosecute and prevent human trafficking by strengthening justice system. LIFT International partners with governments, grassroots organisations, law enforcement, and international agencies to increase transparency and hold offenders accountable. LIFT believes in prevention through prosecution. We work to disrupt organised crime, secure fair sentences and put traffickers out of business because we know justice is a powerful deterrent. We advocate for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation to protect their rights and increase their access to justice.


Interim Director: Matt Cook - m.cook@liftinternational.org

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The Light Center's mission is to give hope and support to vulnerable pregnant women, to provide foster care for children waiting to be adopted, and to protect and restore victims of sexual abuse.

The Light Center’s vision is to support strong and healthy families in Thai society.

  • Mother’s who can raise their own children.

  • Foster children living in safe and loving families.

  • Justice and a new future for sexual abuse victims.


Around 34,000 teenagers will give birth in Northeast Thailand this year. The deep shame from an unexpected pregnancy often leads to abortions, suicide, and girls being abandoned by the people they thought cared about them the most. The government estimates there could be up to 400,000 illegal abortions per year and crisis pregnancy centers are almost non-existent. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and we want to give that hope to young women who feel hopeless. There can be justice and healing for victims of sexual abuse. There is a way for them to choose life and keep their baby. It is possible to graduate. They do have a future and they can pursue their dreams. Sometimes all they need is someone to guide them down the right path. Sometimes all they need is a little hope.

Project Director: Marcus Fey - marcusfey@fcfthailand.org

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